Albion Juniors

April 19, 2022 Albion

It is very much a case of History repeating with this weeks Froback as the club looks to repeat the actions today of 17th December 1951!

It is Season 1951/52, and Albion have two Senior Teams, the 1st XV, and the 2nd XV, known as the United XV, and a Juniors XV. For some time, Albion’s policy of recruiting players from outside of Plymouth, known by the local Press as “Imports”, had been receiving a lot of criticism, favourable and otherwise. Encourage local players say one body, while an Albion Official was quoted as saying “Albion will welcome all Players who wish to join the Club and take the chance of Selection in the usual way”.

In response Albion announced that the Club are going ahead with a set programme of Training and Strategy to enable local players to join the Junior’s XV, where they can gain experience and progress to play for the United and then onto the 1st XV.  The Club stated that the Juniors would be “encouraged” more than ever before, and that the Albion Committee fully realised whence they will obtain their future Players.

The Coaching strength of the Juniors – Arthur Rowe and Vic Hitchcock – may be implemented by other experienced Players, so that members will not be new to the type of Football played by the Senior Teams. The Juniors were recently described as “a credit to the Albion Family”, and it is heartening to know that those of high enough standard may gain Senior Honours, much more rapidly than in the past.

In response a Spokesperson for Plymouth Combination stated that there had never been a better feeling between themselves and Albion, and that the Combination would help the Senior Club all it could.