The possible merger

March 30, 2022 Albion

Our throwback this year dates to just over 30 years ago and contains the minutes of a meeting that nearly saw Devonport and Albion merge as one!

November 15th 1990 – Rugby Meeting between Devonport Services and Plymouth Albion, to discuss a possible merger.



Captain David Wixon, Chairman of DSRFC.

Commander Arthur Ainslie, Vice-Chairman of DSRFC.

Vernon Pinches, Chairman, PARFC.

Clive Cross, Chairman of Selectors,PARFC.

Commander Leigh Merrick, RN Selector.

Ivor White, President, DSRFC.


  1. Captain Wixon opened the discussions by outlining the problems facing any Rugby Club in the modern game, and the peculiar problems that Devonport Services continue to encounter. In his opinion, some sort of merger with another Club appeared to be the only way forward. Informal inquiries had revealed that there were three options regarding the future of the Rectory Ground , a merger with another Rugby Club, Selling the Ground or Leasing/Renting it out.
  2. The consensus of opinion of those present was that the most attractive option would be a merger with a Civilian Club entering into a Rental agreement, particularly as the Rental Figure would be £2000 per year.
  3. They then discussed the composition of any combined Committee, and all agreed that there would need to be safeguards to preserve the balance of both Civilian and Service Committee members following any merger.
  4. It was agreed by all those present that any combined Club should run as many Teams as necessary to accommodate all Players.
  5. Future Selection Policy was discussed, and it was suggested that there might be a shared Selection Committee initially during any transition period, for example, a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 Service Selectors in addition to the existing Civilian Members on the Committee. There would also have to be discussion on items such as the Official Name of the new Club, what would be the Club Colours etc.
  6. It was agreed that both Parties would now report back to their respective Committee on these Exploratory Talks and arrange to meet again on Thursday 29th November at the same venue. It was also agreed that there would be no Public Announcement regarding these Talks until after the Full Committee of each Club consented.