Cardiff "Make It Up" To Albion

November 24, 2022 Albion

Season 1952/53

Albion were due to play Cardiff away on the 10th January, however, the fixture was not fulfilled. Let’s try and answer the one question that was on the minds of Albion Supporters. “What has happened to the Cardiff Fixture?”

Well, it is a long story, and to begin it we must go back nearly 3 years, the reason for this is back then fixture secretaries arranged matches up to 3 years in advance. How it arose we don’t know to this day, but no provision was made for games with Albion. Whereas Cardiff had already promised Albion a fixture for this season, at Beacon Park, on Saturday 10th of January. However, the Cardiff Fixture Secretary had gone ahead and arranged an away fixture against Aberavon, and the Welsh Rugby Union insisted that this fixture was to be played.

Both clubs shortly afterwards began the process of arranging for Season 1953/54, a fixture to be played at Beacon Park, naturally, a team like Cardiff don’t have many blank Saturdays left on their fixture cards. Cardiff however, were keen to repay the fixture they “owed” Albion, and it was agreed that the Match would be played at Beacon Park on 24th April 1954, unfortunately, Albion lost nil points to 11.

With regard to Albion arranging an alternative fixture on 10th January, the Officials had done their best to fill the gap and several first-class clubs were contacted, but unfortunately, no fixture could be found.